KLPS is focused on snow removal in the Riverview Park, Elmvale Acres and Faircrest Heights areas of Alta Vista in Ottawa. We don't spread our efforts out across the city so you can count on us to clear your snow on time.

We use a variety of snow clearing equipment to get the job done right. The core of our snow clearing is our snow blowers which throw the snow away from your driveway while keeping snowbanks to a minimum. Plow equipped trucks help with keeping the driveways clear after the city plows go by.




From the Church of the Nativity:

At the last meeting at the church of the Nativity, we noted our
satisfaction with the snow removal services of this past season. We especially appreciated that you cleared the parking lot early after the snow storms - and at times even during the snow storms. On the few occasions when it was required, the parking lot was also cleared on Sunday mornings before the service at 10:15.

We also appreciated the fact that on the one occasion when the lot and sidewalks were covered with ice - on a weekend  -, you responded in a timely manner.  You responded as well in a timely manner - very timely -when snow was inadvertently pushed in the driveway of the rectory.

So, here is a heartfelt thank you to you and your employees.